About Debra A. Kossman, Ph.D.

Hello, I'm Debbie Kossman, a Senior Vice President in the Healthcare practice at National Analysts Worldwide. For 25 years I've been consulting pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers on assignments that span the lifecycle needs of therapeutic compounds.

I've devoted myself to projects that guide the clinical development and marketing of immunology, oncology, and virology products. I am currently Chair of the Board of the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group.

I speak and write about pricing strategy, the role of payors in product access, and changing decision-making roles of providers and patients. My comments have appeared in industry publications such as PharmaVOICE and Medical Marketing & Media.

I received a bachelor's in psychology from Case Western Reserve University and hold master's and doctoral degrees in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

I am now cross-training as a nurse practitioner in oncology and palliative care at Penn's School of Nursing, giving me a broader view of healthcare stakeholder relationships! In my blog I'm interested in the intersection of business and clinical considerations in healthcare.