About Susan Schwartz McDonald, Ph.D.

Hello, I'm CEO of National Analysts Worldwide, and leader of the firm's Healthcare practice. I consult to clients on commercialization strategy, including demand forecasting, pricing, positioning, portfolio strategy, and brand equity.

My interest in brand and my training has also been the basis of a litigation support practice, requiring frequent testimony in federal court on trademark violation, brand dilution, and deceptive advertising.

I received my bachelor's degree from Smith, and my master's and doctoral degrees in communications from the University of Pennsylvania.

Because I began my career as a writer, I often describe myself as having entered marketing as an accidental tourist who now holds "dual citizenship."

In the past, I contributed regularly to a number of major magazines and newspapers, including National Review, Harper's, and New York Magazine.

In the marketing arena, I've written articles and book chapters on strategy and research methods, including the standard text on focus groups. I've also contributed articles to medical journals on clinical decision-making from physician and patient perspectives.

My output today remains varied: I am at work on a history of marketing research, spurred by our firm's centennial, and on a volume of poetry.